Kiev – a visual recap of our journey 2017

We had the great pleasure to have extremly talented photographers among us who created a set of images which allow us to visually recap our journey to Ukraine. Join us for a little photo tour!

header kiev

Photo: Sebastian Pape // all photos: Sebastian Pape, Marie-Thérèse Schreiber, Mathias Windelberg

At Mohyla-Academy we were received by Dr. André Härtel who informed us about recent political developments in Post-Maidan Ukraine

Tour guides from Ukrainian student organisation studrespublika took us to important places of the Maidan protests and memorial places during a walking tour to the center of Kiev

Despite harsh temperature changes long walks allowed us to explore the beauty of the city  and led us also for a short visit to the German embassy…

…and some of us also to the Kiev opera house

At the Visual Culture Research Center we visited an exhibition on art and corruption and discussed about current challenges and constraints of art and critical research in Ukrainian society

When we came back to Kiev after our trip to Charkiw, we had the chance to visit the editorial office of hromadsketv where we were informed about the current situation for journalist and the state of the media in Ukraine. And apart from that we had beautiful views over the city

More pictures from the second part of our trip – the city of Charkiw/Charkow – will follow soon

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